The Walking Daryl: Er, I mean, Dead.

Climb every mountain, Daryl. Ford every stream.

I’ll be honest. I hardly paid attention to this episode until about ten minutes in. The notes I keep during the show will attest to that. I do not even have a particular reason, I just was watching it much like a walker would watch the show. Very dead-like.

I think it took way too long to get to this point with the number of episodes we were given—however, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Despite having only six episodes last season, they dragged it as much as possible; ‘it’ meaning the pace. I’m not hating, but I’m just saying there is a flow to episodes that I just feel so far this season has not achieved. At all. And no, I’m not saying that making episodes flow easier and faster means adding in more zombie action. Please don’t misunderstand. 

I do like what they did with Daryl’s character. It was about time they reminded us of Merle and Daryl’s connection with his brother; I mean, really. All Daryl has yelled this season has been, “Sophia!” Remember last season? It was all, “Merle! Rawr!” So I think they should have done this earlier, to be honest. I don’t think it would have taken Daryl this long to have doubts about his placement in this group.

OK, despite really disliking Shane, I can understand why he’s going insane. Lori gives him about 23947839 mixed messages every single episode, and I wouldn’t blame him for being confused and frustrated and wanting to leave the group. Lori just seems like she’s all over the place with Shane, since really, she is. She can’t make up her mind about where to place him anymore. Plus, well, she’s now pregnant.

Best music of this episode? Oh, my Lord! When Daryl got his swag back on, did you hear the lovely tunes? We need more folk influenced music.

Funniest moment of this episode? That would be Glenn’s line of, “He’s wearing ears!” The other funny moment was the conversation with Dale and Glenn:

Most frustrating moment of this episode? Andrea. It would be a shame if I didn’t put Andrea on this, wouldn’t it?

It’s not even the fact that she shot Daryl that I’m so upset about. It’s not that I don’t want any of the female characters to be strong and skilled with the weapons. It’s the fact that she’s always, always, ALWAYS trying to be “one of the guys” and that’s never, ever going to happen. A quote came into my mind whilst watching the episode, actually: Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. She shouldn’t be trying to be another Rick or Daryl: she should become a strong woman for herself, instead. Stop trying to prove herself as one of “the boys” and be a dang fierce woman! Raaaaawr!

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this episode. I honestly thought it was still just OK and the only exciting part was the end since the truth about the barn is finally revealed, but even then it ended there and made us wait a whole week to get into it all. Hooray for Sundays! Oh, but…

I pray that they do NOT go down the path of lovers for these two. I hope it does not go past that sort of Mother-Son boundary, but I’m now thinking the worst. It struck my mind last episode, too, but I was in such a hurry to just poop out that last entry that I forgot to mention this. No Daryl x Carol! The names rhyme, it just doesn’t work out. 

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The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose… zzz…

Since I’m about two seconds away from watching the episode which aired last night, I will not spend a lot of time on this episode review at all. In fact, there isn’t even much to cover in this episode, thanks to its boring-ness.

Now I know that even though this is a show about zombies that the character development is important—believe me, I am a strong proponent of having episodes with little zombie huntin’ and more character interaction (hello, I’m the only person who was dissatisfied with episode two of the first season). However, this was a definite sleepy episode. Not only was it sleepy, but it only really had one hilarious moment, which I’ll get to as I do a rundown on this episode and that’ll be it… till tomorrow, that is.

The screencaps will all be unedited, because I just don’t feel like doing it. :D

Most annoying moment of this episode? That would have to be Andrea being Miss Sass again.

OK, I get that it’s unfair to dislike her so much without reason… but I swear, they just keep giving us reason. (And besides, I’ve seen some slight spoilers floating around Tumblr on what happens in the next episode, so… again. My point is proven.)

There was another annoying moment. That would have to be the long, drawn out scene with the Well Walker—or would he technically be a “wader?” Hm. 

Plus he just looked hilarious, not scary or gross. Just really fake and dumb. :'( Poor little guy.

Funniest moment of this episode? T-Dog’s face after Well Walker-Wader split in half: 

T-Dog haters, each your hearts out! That’s the best “B*tch, please” face I’ve seen in a long time.

There was another particularly amusing part to this episode. That would have to be Maggie and Glenn finally having their first date…!

Oh, and then the prompt coupling of their blossoming relationship.

Good times, good times. No matter how awkward.

Daryl’s touching moment of the day:

Is this really the same character who called Glenn a chinaman in the first season? The answer is: NO! Do I still like him? Sure, but… I mean, this whole episode was kinda bleh.

Also. Whoever didn’t suspect the barn since the last episode are a little slow on the uptake. Moving on to last night’s episode!

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The Walking Dead: Shane is Mad.

All right. If this episode came as a surprise to anyone, then they clearly were not paying attention since, oh, I don’t know, every episode till now—and this is aimed directly at those who don’t even read the comics, because I don’t either yet I mean c’mon. As if he doesn’t look insane most of the time, he looked even crazier here.

I guess when there’s a zombie apocalypse, it makes everyone very well-spoken as they love giving these long monologues about how on earth are they supposed to go on and live in this new world. I understand that they’re struggling and we have to walk with them on this survival journey—really, I get it. But for some reason, would it kill them to make it sound as though an every day person was saying it? I think it’s a bit silly, and I know that most books and shows are guilty of it, but it’s still a bit hard to stomach sometimes.

I feel as though they’ve tried to really bring Rick down in the episodes so far, beginning with the last two of the first season, actually. The previous episode was blatantly obvious; they wanted to bring Rick down while they “raised” Shane. I understand Rick isn’t perfect but he’s done a pretty darn good job at getting all of them here so far with so many still unscathed.

Thus, the UNF-worthy screenshot of the episode:

School them, Rick! School them!

And I think Dale was really amazing in the episode, as well. He was an early favorite character, and he continues to be. I may not be very fond of Andrea, but I like the couple. I wasn’t even a big fan of the couple until some time had passed, but I think it makes total sense. Dale is a very aware person (he’s so wise! :) and that’s why he apologized to Andrea… victim that she is. Coughs.

At least I know there is another upcoming couple that will hopefully live up to my expectations! Drumroll, please:

Maggie and Glenn. Not only is she wonderful already, but I have been missing Glenn like crazy. He needs to be doing more in the story and I think we’ll finally get more out of him.

Most annoying part of this episode? That would be Andrea’s simple comment of, “Dale, please.” She shot him down instantly and I was like, “Gurl, get off your high horse and be glad someone cares so much for you.”

WTF moment of this episode? The speed in which these zombies arrived at the fence.

One second they weren’t there, and then bam! I hate freakishly fast zombies, and most of these seem very spry.

So, Shane is an idiot and he’s a nutter, but if you hadn’t figured that out when he aimed a gun at his “best friend” in the first season then I think you need to remember what a sane person wouldn’t do: Aim his gun at his best friend.

Also, this fool made a mess when he shaved! I can’t stand hair on soap. I hope this madman cleaned up after himself.  

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